Voices Across Time : Across its history

Voices Across Time : Across its history

This community-based theatre company from Banbury began life performing a one-off concert in the Adderbury Institute in July 2016. Since then, it has grown into a small theatre powerhouse with 7 musical productions and a flourishing portfolio of community-based projects under its belt. But these productions aren’t your usual concerts or theatre shows…

Voices Across Time (VaT) have created their own space by developing a style of audience participatory shows whose content is based on significant events in British History. Using only the most beloved songs and music of that period in history, VaT crafts this music into plots to present stories which have so far included the early British Music Hall, the rise of the suffragette movement, both World Wars and the infiltration of American music and life on postwar British society.

Founders Florence Taylor, Joseph Cummings and Harriet Wells are the trio behind the project and they are about to unveil their new work which, true to form, marks a very poignant time in British history.

Celebrations have taken place up and down the country to recognise 100 years since the end of the Great War and Voices Across Time’s upcoming production has been written to commemorate this centenary.

Entitled, ‘Till The Boys Come Home’, the show focuses on the effect war had on family life, bringing individuals together yet more often than not, tearing loved ones apart. At the centre of the play is a young adventurer, Timmy Price, whose thirst for adventure leads him to a Recruitment Tent on his 15th birthday. Timmy is far too young to enlist but at an age of rebellion, he employs the help of old boy Harry Lansbury to fool the recruitment officer and leaves his home and his mother’s overprotective grip to travel to the front line. As the years go by, Timmy slowly grows to understand the enormity of this so-called ‘adventure’ and its infiltration into every aspect of life. Using music and memories, Timmy’s regiment and his family back home maintain comradery and bravery whilst they dutifully do their part for King and Country. However, little does Timmy know that Old Boy Harry Lansbury, previously so full of bravado and idealism about the glory of war, has recognised the part he played in bringing this innocent boy’s life into the balance and the responsibility he must now bear for it. He makes it his sole mission to keep Timmy alive so that one day, he will come home to his mother.

This has been a jam-packed year for Voices Across Time so far, and ‘Till the Boys Come Home’ will be their penultimate event of 2018. At Christmas, they will be embarking on their ‘Care Home Tour’ to coincide with the release of their new 4-part radio show throughout December.

This will be part of their community outreach project which was established last year to bring the work, skills and expertise of VaT to different environments in the local community. The radio show has been adapted from their 2017 Christmas show, Christmas Across Time, and was recorded back in June with BBC’s Ninth Wave Audio production company. The 4-part series follows the evolution of Christmas and it will take the listener on a journey from the banning of Christmas at the time of the Puritans, to Scrooge in a Victorian Christmas time, arriving at the Christmas day truce in the Great War and finishing with a 1950’s Christmas and the battle for the Christmas no. 1. VaT will be bringing this show to life in a bespoke, immersive experience for the residents, their families and care staff of each home they visit.

At Voices Across Time, be ready for more shows, more community outreach projects and internal growth as they welcome a new member into the core production team. In the meantime, please do keep up to date by following them on Twitter, Facebook or on their website where you can also sign up to their mailing list.

To purchase tickets for the upcoming October show, visit www.voicesacrosstime.com or email boxoffice@voicesacrosstime.com. For general enquiries or more information about the Christmas Care Home visits, email team@voicesacrosstime.com.

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