Visit Banbury

Visit Banbury has existed as a volunteer-led community organisation since April 2014.

Founded and energised by Tim Tarby-Donald, inspired by projects established by The Eden Project in Cornwall, the organisation has benefited from the help and assistance of many talented people, donating their time and resources freely, plus amazing collaborations with a variety of organisations.

We’ve had great support from many areas, from local councils and their teams, local businesses and media organisations and of course the community across Banbury and the nearby villages.

However, we hope we have contributed lots and have played our part as a purely voluntary organisation, as we have always tried to connect people, to build relationships, to drive a closer, more harmonious community network – and above all, to make a difference.

As volunteers, the range of activities Visit Banbury has been involved in include The Night Market, Banbury Phone Box Library, Create a Banbury Dish, Banbury Friendship Festival, Banbury Big Feed, Banbury International, The Great British High Street Bid, Banbury Literary Live and 100 Coats for Christmas.

Visit Banbury has tirelessly promoted everything good about the town with positivity and enthusiasm, informing residents and visitors alike, communicating in multiple ways to try to ensure people find out all there is to know about local organisations, events and businesses – all for free!

We have learnt a great deal since officially launching at the Banbury Positivity Summit on Friday 13th February 2015 and finally we have reached the stage we promised to, way back then.

We are bringing together a Board of Directors and a group of core volunteers to help launch Visit Banbury as a Social Enterprise, a business which will be for profit – but not for personal profit – its primary focus will be the benefit of Banbury and its residents.

We feel that the time is right to develop Visit Banbury into a town-wide movement for change and for some of us to participate as part of our regular work as we can do more this way and our community will see greater benefit.

This is happening early in 2019. We think we will be the first social enterprise in Banbury – please tell us if there are others as we’d love to collaborate!

We have an awesome group of people coming together but there is room for more, so if you are interested, please get in touch.

We have lots of ideas for sustainable income generation and for social action. What we do will depend on the people’s time and resources we have available to us – and of course the need in our community for Visit Banbury to help make things happen.

There are many interesting developments happening in Banbury, from the Business Improvement District to Age Friendly Banbury and the actual development of Banbury Museum and Castle Quay 2.

These will all potentially provide opportunities for Visit Banbury, as a highly collaborative social business, to maximise the positive impact on the town and the community – influenced by the input of people who make up that community.

So, please take a look at what we have already done via and help us look forward, guiding our activities for the benefit of us all!

Thank You.

Visit Banbury’s prospective directors – Tim Tarby-Donald, Steve Gold, Andrew Davies, Tanya Collins, Paddy Patterson and Neil Wild.

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