Top 4 Product Investments For New Parents

The life of a new parent is an exciting one, but it can be nerve-wracking at times. After all, whether it’s making time for your little one or adjusting your budget to meet their needs, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with parenthood. One of our writers Andy Davies makes a good point when he said: “In life, [parents] have three choices, you can either give up, give in, or give it your all.” Of course, as new parents, you’ll always want to power through and choose the latter.

However, it’s not enough to have the drive to be a good parent—it also helps to buy the right products to make your life a little easier. From cribs to car seats, here are four things that every new parent needs.

Convertible Crib

There are many types of cribs, such as circular and multipurpose. However, the best ones to invest in, according to experts from Granthaze Newbury, are convertible cribs like Snüz and Nubie. Its biggest selling point is how it essentially “grows” with your child. It’s first assembled as a crib, but it can eventually turn into a bed once your child is a bit bigger, to a full-sized bed they can use until early preschool. They’re more expensive than the average crib, but it will save you money in the long run.

Baby Bathtub

Many parents choose to bathe their babies in the bath or bathroom sink. However, these setups can be troublesome, as both options can be rather slippery and accident-prone. Baby bathtubs like Baby Brielle and First Years have anti-slip surfaces, so they’re a lot safer. Some brands like Bed Bath & Beyond even have a built-in thermometer to ensure that the water is perfectly warm for babies.

High Quality Pram

A reliable pram is a necessity, regardless of whether you’re an outdoors-y parent or not. After all, your baby isn’t going to stay in the house forever, and they most certainly can’t be carried in your arms the whole time. Moreover, The Independent reports that a baby needs to be on their back most of the time to protect their spine and assist with breathing. On that note, the guide to pushchairs by iCandy informs that this is one of the key differences between prams and pushchairs—the latter is more angled, which is more suited for babies over six months old as they can sit up unaided. Any younger and they’ll need the flat surface of a pram. Ideally, prams should also have brakes and harnesses to ensure your baby’s safety.

Reliable Car Seat

Of course, when you’re taking your baby somewhere that isn’t walkable, you will have to transport them safely in your car. As such, you’ll want a reliable car seat that will keep your baby safe for the duration of the drive. Regardless of the brand, Mas & Pas highlights that the most important label that every parent should be looking for is the capital “E”—which stands for “EU-approved for use in the UK.” This ensures that they have passed the regulatory safety procedures.

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