Thinking about ‘Going’ Veggie?

Halloumi, red pepper, spinach and harissa wrap

If so, according to the Vegetarian Society, it means you’re already well on your way to a happier and healthier you! And, they say it’s never been so easy, as it is today. Veggie food is inventive,  mouth-watering, convenient and affordable – so prepare to feel great about yourself!  Not long ago if you mentioned that you were thinking of moving to a vegetarian diet you would most likely have met with disapproval.

But not any more attitudes, as well as eating habits, have changed and a veggie diet is being embraced by more and more people – even once avid carnivores. It is not just concerns about health that has brought about the change it is also greater awareness of climate change, processed food, pollution and animal welfare which have all contributed to the move to plant based diets.

The Vegetarian Society campaign ‘Eat to Beat Climate Change’ concerns getting more people to choose veggie and vegan food. They claim that this is the single biggest thing anyone can do to help prevent climate change – as veggie food needs less land, less water and creates less greenhouse gas. It makes sense if you think about it.

Becoming veggie can also be a cost effective way to stay healthy, and you may find switching to vegetarian versions of your favourite meals saves you money.

Everyone wants to enjoy their food and the fun part is learning how your favourite dishes can easily become veggie-friendly with a little imagination and some simple switches. By just adapting the meals you already love, you’ll end up with nutritious, new versions of your favourite foods. As you already know how to cook these meals, veggie versions are straightforward to prepare, and they’re just as tasty. They can be even quicker to cook too!

Imagine it’s Sunday and you fancy a comforting, homely roast with all the trimmings. Easy… a tempting veggie centrepiece, alongside those crispy spuds and Yorkshire Pud will truly treat your taste buds.

The key is making sure you swap meat for other ingredients which provide important nutrients such as protein and iron. Add beans such as baked, chickpeas, butter or kidney to nuts, tofu or meat substitutes like soya mince to your everyday usual recipes for a well-balanced meal. After all, nutritionists say plant protein sources are leaner and a positive choice by being highly nutritious and satisfying for both you and the planet.

For more information contact The Vegetarian Society
T: 0161 925 2000

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