The Royal British Legion “Remember Together”

This year, The Royal British Legion is asking for communities across Britain to ‘Remember Together’ the service and sacrifice, friendship and collaboration of the men and women of Britain, the Commonwealth and Allied nations who fought together in 1944.

Remembrance Sunday is the second Sunday in November. This year it falls on the 10th November. Various concerts, church services and commemorative events take place across the country on this day to remember the men and women who gave their lives in combat.

A service and parade takes place at 11am at the Cenotaph in Whitehall which is attended by the Queen, as well as politicians and military representatives.

Armistice Day also known as Remembrance Day or sometimes Poppy Day is on the following day, Monday 11th November. There will be the usual two-minute silence at 11.00am to remember those who lost their lives during the First World War as well as in more recent conflicts and to commemorate the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 when the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare thus ending the First World War.

The Poppy Appeal

The Royal British Legion has been supporting Service men and women, ex-serving personnel and their families since 1921. This year they aim to better the £50 million raised by the Poppy Appeal last year and every penny provides much-needed support for the Armed Forces community.

This year 40,000 volunteers will descend on high streets, train stations and local supermarkets across the country to help raise vital funds during the annual Poppy Appeal and 40 million poppies are available.

How your donations help

Wearing a poppy is a personal choice reflecting individual and personal memories. By buying a poppy you are donating to The Royal British Legion and helping them to provide vital support to veterans in need and service and ex-service personnel and their families.

From sports-based rehabilitation courses and careers advice to dedicated care homes for older veterans. Advice and Information staff ensure that people in the Armed Forces community can get the support they need.

Origin of the Poppy

During the First World War previously beautiful countryside was blasted, bombed and fought over, again and again. The landscape swiftly turned to fields of mud: bleak and barren where little or nothing could grow.

There was a notable and striking exception to the bleakness – the bright red Flanders poppies. These resilient flowers flourished in the middle of so much chaos and destruction, growing in the thousands upon thousands.

Remember together

To honour the sacrifice made by the peoples and nations who fought alongside each other 75 years ago, this year the Legion asks that Remembrance services and activities reflect our shared communal heritage.

Allies from the Commonwealth and other nations had fought shoulder to shoulder with Britain since the start of the Second World War.

The collaboration of Britain with our Commonwealth friends and Allied nations in 1944 continues to shape our society today. Many communities, whose ancestors served side by side, now live side by side in a multicultural Britain and in 1944 this collaboration would result in victory in three critical battles; Monte Cassino, D-Day, and Kohima and Imphal.

The legacy of the battles of Imphal and Kohima echoes on in the inscription taken from a cemetery for British soldiers who fell at Kohima. That inscription we know as the Kohima Epitaph:
“When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”.

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