TEDxBanbury Goes Crypto!!!

Visiting Guest Speaker – Anton Mozgovoy – To Introduce a Banbury Cryptocurrency Token

Visiting guest speaker Anton Mozgovoy, Fintech specialist and former CTO of Humaniq, is to introduce a souvenir TEDxBanbury Cryptocurrency Token to 100 ticket holders attending TEDxBanbury on the 29 February 2020, at St Marys Church.

In his talk, Anton will be highlighting the geographical in-balance which exists in banking across the world, and how this impacts access to finance. He is passionate that every citizen should have access to a form of banking. He is currently working on an initiative to help demonstrate at a local level, the important role cryptocurrency now plays globally, by developing a ‘crypto’ token for TEDxBanbury!

Anton started his career at the Bank of Montreal – working on Apple Pay & Android Projects. In 2015 he founded Finlyt, a company working on algorithmic instalments, and revolving credits. He joined Humaniq in 2017, working on blockchain solutions to create a financial marketplace for start-ups. Anton currently serves as a mentor in FastCapital, responsible for tracking start-ups in fintech, blockchain and crypto spaces. ‘It has been enlightening hearing Anton present his talk at the recent rehearsal. His knowledge and conviction is astounding about a little thing that has become so significant in financial markets today’ said Karen Baldry – TEDxBanbury.

As a child, Anton grew up in the Crimea, where all his summers were spent diving. He is now an avid free diver, and enjoys the thrill of visiting a new country, new diving locations, meeting people, and above all the ‘feeling of the void when you dive deeper’.

A few tickets are still available for this exciting day long TED like event priced at £45, inclusive of the 7% booking fee, and are available from tedxbanbury.com & Ticket Source. All proceeds go towards event costs for this voluntary organised non profit event.

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