New Year, New You

New Year! How exciting! New beginnings, new opportunities, new adventures, New You!

Or should I say…’ True You’ or ‘Real You’

Just the sound of the two little words, ‘True You’; so empowering and thrilling; full of promise and optimism. New Year! New You! True You! Yes! Because you want to be ‘More You’.

Express more of yourself to the world around you, no longer living in the shadow of expectations and judgements. How liberating!!! People will judge. That is not to say however that their judgements should be given airtime or any amount of value. Those judgements and expectations belong to them and them alone. You owe it to yourself to live your life liberated from social masks. Stop hiding behind fake personas and the fear of judgement or rejection. Project to the world your beautiful unique self and if the process of being YOU requires you to change your habits… well… Do it!

Go on that diet… start that exercise regime… apply for that new job. Do not waste any more time! Let the True Best You go Free!

Break free from the barriers and walls that are preventing you from enjoying the life you want and truly desire! You owe it to yourself to be living a life with purpose and meaning and enjoying authentic relationships with those around you. The next time you are meeting with new people, clients or the next time you are having an important phone call or taking part in a work conference, afford yourself a few seconds to connect with the true you. Surround yourself with confidence and be proud of who you really are. Notice your posture and body language. Make a conscious effort and literally lift yourself up. Breathe in and as you breathe out, relax and let the tension go; project the true you and embrace all that you have to offer.

Smile! You’ve got this and you deserve this. Be empowered in all that you do!

In your quiet moments positively reflect on your past. Remember all the times that you thrived, the things that you were passionate about.  Re-experience those exhilarating moments in your life and remind yourself of everything that you love, everything that you have achieved and how amazing you really are! Keep a favourite photo of yourself as a constant reminder of the true you. A happy reminder of the happiness you are capable of experiencing and enjoying!

Finally, love yourself! Speak nicely to yourself and be kind to yourself! Encourage positivity in all that you do. Be creative with your own self and explore your capabilities and talents; feed your curiosity and grow bigger, better and stronger.  Do not hold back any longer, the time is now.

Set yourself free!
New Year – True You – Best You!

Maria O’Meara, MA, BSc (Hons)
Empowerment and Personal Performance Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner
Oxford: 01865 704 052
London: 020 8088 0918

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