Make Friends in Europe

The Banbury and District Twinning Association  was set up in 1978 with the purpose of facilitating closer cooperation and friendship between local businesses, communities and individuals in Banbury and towns in Germany and France.

In 1981 Banbury was formally twinned with Hennef in Germany and in most years there is a visit of people sharing their talents as well as friendship.  Banbury Operatic Society have travelled to Hennef and staged several performances and two local Morris dance groups and a local choir Impromptu have performed at several events there. Individuals from Banbury have come together with people in Hennef and have built lasting relationships and really firm friendships staying at each others houses and becoming almost part of the family in some instances.

On the day of the Brexit referendum two of our party were interviewed by the local newspaper in Hennef for our views on the result and we had to assure them that we still wanted to be close friends with Europe and our relationship with Hennef would continue unchanged. Banbury Operatic Society is currently planning a visit early next year to stage another production in the town.

Often we are invited to take part in their festivals and have been involved with Euopawoche  and this year Stadfest. Plans are  being made with local junior football clubs to be involved, once again, in competitions next year. The welcome is second to none and mostly people are accommodated in family homes and quite often you stay with the same family every time. Many of our members and/or partners visit for pleasure. Often trips to local attractions, such as river trips, wine tasting etc., are offered. A trip to Hennef is an event that leaves lasting happy memories.

In 1982 Banbury was formally twinned with Ermont in France which is situated in the suburbs of Paris and has a wonderful market with everything you would expect in a French market such as meat, cheese, wine, vegetables, fruit etc. etc. Various exchanges have been made over the years and visitors stay with host families and quite often will be taken to local places of interest and again the hospitality is superb.  One of the most active exchanges is a golf competition which is held every year between the two towns, one year in France, one year in the UK. Next year the competition will be held here and we are looking for golfers, both male and female, who would be interested in playing and possibly hosting fellow golfers

Does any of this sound interesting to you? Would you like to take part in something like this? It is quite laid back and you participate as much or as little as you feel happy to. Sometimes the travel is by coach, some people fly, some people drive, a comfortable one day journey. The hosts organise the accommodation and any local visits , you just have to cover the travel costs and any spending money. It is an opportunity to see the real country and get to know local people.

If you are interested in joining the Banbury and District Twinning Association and coming along on a visit please contact:

Catherine Jenkinson on 01295 750997 or

The annual membership ranges from £6 – £10 per person or £15 per family.

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