Loss of funding during Coronavirus pandemic: Katharine House Hospice

Katharine House is almost totally dependent on public support, with more than three-quarters of their funding coming from people like you.

Their doctors and nurses are working in their inpatient unit, in the community and the Horton hospital, and at the end of a phone more than ever before in this crisis. But to keep caring for people at the end of their lives, they need to ensure their doctors and nurses can continue to do their jobs.

Financially this is unprecedented, and they expect to miss out on £1,800 in donations every day during the current Coronavirus crisis, which means they face a real challenge to keep our teams working.

Please will you support their doctors and nurses and urgently donate just £3 per month or a one off donation of £8 to cover the cost for the next six months to ensure local people can still access services throughout the Coronavirus crisis. Thank you.

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