Joseph Walbyoff

Joseph Walbyoff

Jo is a young musician who’s home turf is The Bell in Bicester. His self-appointed mission? Bring back the glory days of Bicester’s music scene!

Jo is a Bicester guy born and bred and has always been heavily into the local music scene. He remembers years back when a weekend wouldn’t go by without a gig or two, be it at The Bell, the Ex-Servicemen’s Club or at the old Football Club. Occasionally events were held at The Cooper School where several bands would turn up on a Saturday and play throughout the afternoon and evening. He recalls a healthy metal scene in Bicester but Jo thinks that this has changed recently with bands moving more towards acoustic music or towards playing covers. Playing covers is easier than writing your own music and can be a more pragmatic solution to making some extra cash from gigs at weekends. With covers you can tailor your set to match your audience and for the venues themselves it is much easier to sell tickets as they know what they are getting. Jo’s musical style is part folk and part rock and, although he will pick tracks that are right for his audience, his gigs will always include songs that mean something to him personally. Jo is keen to progress his own music, write and play his own songs and if some success comes then that would be great, but he’s also happy just have some fun and give audiences a good time.

Jo feels that recently the music scene, especially the metal scene, is falling away slightly in Bicester. He attributes this to musicians getting older and moving on and also maybe young people having a slightly different approach to music. Youngsters these days can find the music they want online and via streaming and possibly this leads to a narrower appreciation of music in general. Jo would love to see a revival of the music scene in Bicester and is trying to get something going at The Bell by setting up Open Mic sessions. He is keen to stress that these open mics evenings are truly ‘open’ – anyone can come along, with any type of act be it magic, comedy or anything else. The key ingredient will be fun and entertainment.

Jo’s open mic sessions will be held at The Bell on the first Sunday of each month so if you have a talent that is waiting to be unleashed then why not pop over and see if you can entertain the regulars at The Bell. Good luck.

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