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Now we’re in the colder months it’s time to take a peek at what is in our winter wardrobes. Focusing on how to choose wisely when it comes to sustainable staple fashion, avoiding throwaway fashion and shopping smart… all while staying brilliantly stylish.

The slightly unsettling but stark facts are that in the western world, the average person discards around 32kg of clothing annually; evidence that the ‘throwaway fashion’ mentality is widely adopted. We have become used to expecting faster, cheaper, up-to-date clothing readily available to us season upon season from many fashion brands. This poses two considerable threats – to the environment and to our communities.

In the past fashion used to cycle between 4 distinctive seasons in one year in terms of new styles. Now we are more in tune with 11 to 14! Buying new designs more frequently at lower cost prices. The western world has adopted the wear it once and throw it away policy, which is supporting not only the slave trade in developing countries, but also doing damage to our small-town independents that we all love.

Embracing this throwaway fashion strategy has its drawbacks – it aids in chemicals being dumped into the sea, landfills increasing and furthers the impact on global warming. An example being additional harmful waste products, including greenhouse gases, that are 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide. It’s also an extremely high energy process which has a further impact on the environment.

This trend heightens the highly competitive appetite and nature of fashion in the west. To keep costs down most of our garments are now made in Asia where labour costs are lower, leading to reports that in some developing countries schools have closed to allow children to collect cotton in pesticide contaminated fields.

Despite these disheartening facts of today’s fashion world, there are a lot of brands that now support the sustainable fashion rule. H&M is one of the leading retailers that have started to implement it, aiming for all their cotton to be organic by 2020.

One way you too can support sustainable fashion is by shopping locally and taking time to speak to the source of your clothing suppliers. Here in Oxfordshire we are lucky enough to be surrounded by many independent shops that have relationships not only with us but also with their suppliers. Ok, so we may be paying a little extra to our ‘indies‘ but we’re also helping our communities grow whilst caring about where our fashion comes from.

We can shop smarter! With advice from the shopkeepers, buying less and making sure we are buying staple pieces that have a longer life span. It’s not about having the newest item every month; it’s about giving our clothes a new lease of life! You might want to think about what staple pieces are in your wardrobe? Staple pieces in fashion are those go-to bits that make up the foundations of your wardrobe. These collections will be the anchors to all the add-ons and crazy, amazing accessories that you find from your favourite independent shops along the way! With good wardrobe management you will never have the ‘I have nothing to wear, I hate everything moment again’…

These are my 10 top picks that I suggest you have in your winter wardrobe:

Trench coat – a sleek yet stylish classic shape that will compliment any outfit. Buy it in a neutral colour and pair it with a colourful handbag.

Cashmere sweater – perfect even for when you want to just nip to the shops. I would suggest going for a mid grey colour and pair it with some jeans. To dress it up – pop on some heels

Statement wallet – I would of course suggest a J D’Cruz Small Clutch, this will add a sleek finished look to your outfit and will double up as an evening bag.

A silk scarf – when choosing a silk scarf make sure it is 100% silk, this means it will be multi seasonal and keep you warm in winter yet cool in the summer. Choose a scarf with a bold print; with a few different ones you can refresh the same base outfit.

A good fitting pair of jeans – go for a mid-wash that you can dress up or dress down, add in a funky belt to polish the look

Classic black blazer- you don’t need to work in an office to own a perfectly fitting black blazer. Every woman deserves this to flatter her figure.

Silk blouse – for those bloated days when you still want to look put together. Pair it with some sparkly earrings to finish the look.

White T-shirt – go for an open neckline as these flatter all body shapes. T-shirts work well under a dress or sweater keeping you slightly warmer too

A sturdy tote – to carry your everyday needs. Totes can be a nice way to finish of an outfit yet still accommodate all the extras you may need to lug around.

An evening clutch – this will be your go-to for every event you attend. Choose a metallic colour that will sparkle at the Christmas parties (and glisten when the summer evenings return!).

These top items above have been personally chosen by me for you this winter, all of them have been selected from our loved independent shops. Let me know what you think, contact me to let me know what in your wardrobe this winter? Enjoy. Love Jasmine x To continue the discussion or know more Feel free to contact Jasmine, or why not visit her on Parson Street where you can check out some of her very own ‘Indie’ shop.

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