How to Stage it Yourself | A New Look or a New Outlook?

So this year, 2020, we are full go to clear out our homes with the old to replace with the new! But as the big topic is hovering over us ‘climate change’, perhaps we need to rethink how we are living and buying in our homes. 

Image Credit: Little Greene Paint Company – Little Greene Satinwood. Wall: Stock / Tiles: Sunlight / Units: Woad / Stool: Heat

My job is very much about product and refurbishing, and I am not going to say I am not a lover of a new cushion purchase here and there, (I do have rather many).  However, when we do buy new, we may need to think a little bit more about where the item has been sourced and how it has been made. So reading a label and the background of the company and item is even more crucial, even thinking about a way of how to dispose of the older items.

Some companies offer great environmental disposal services, such as John Lewis & Partners will dispose of your old mattress when you buy a new one, for a charge of £40.00 and it will be taken to a company who recycle it for a new use.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® – Colour: Napoleonic Blue

Or even better, we can start to look at upcycling or getting creative at home and make your own cushions with old remnant fabrics, or we can update some of our old pieces of furniture! It is amazing what you can do if you slap on a lick of paint and new door handles, on a chest of drawers or kitchen cupboards. These are quick & easy fixes that can not only save you money, but can also help with making a small change for the better of the world, plus it is also great fun and to make something personal and bespoke to you!  It is also a brilliant way to add some colour and vibrancy where you wouldn’t necessarily use it before.

There are some fantastic products on the market that make it easy to do.  Little Greene has a great range of environmentally friendly water based paints.  Intelligent Eggshell  and Intelligent Satinwood are for woodwork, furniture and kitchen cabinets.  The intelligent finish is great for high traffic areas and it is easy to wipe away any marks or spillages.  Their range of colours are stunning and you can be so playful with how you use them. How about even painting your floor for a new effect with their Intelligent floor paint.

Image Credit: The Little Paint Company. Wall: Hollyhock / Highlight Stripe: Hellebore Skirting: Hollyhock / Chair: Carmine / Floor: Royal Navy

I also highly recommend Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.  Annie Sloan’s paints have been developed to allow you to paint, leave to dry and apply a wax coating in just one day! This paint can be applied to all sorts of different furniture and you can create lots of fun effects with the paint, by using stencils or sanding it down after being painted to create an antique finish. There are a lovely selection of colours to choose from too.  I have recently used some of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® in a project of mine and have painted my dining room chairs with a mix of bold colours which has definitely brightened up my kitchen! You do not need to be as daring as this and go for a more complimentary colour rather than such a bold choice and you can mixed these paints too, but it is great to try something different and if you end up not liking it, you can always re-paint, that is the infinity and greatness of upcycling!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® – Colours: Antibes Green, Aubusson Blue, Napolenic Blue, Barcelona Orange

Tips and tricks to painting your furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

Remove any handles or hinges from your furniture.

With Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, there’s no need for priming or sanding! Just make sure the piece is clean, wiped down with a damp cloth and no harsh chemicals.

Stir your chosen Chalk Paint® colour.

Dip your brush into the paint, and apply the paint straight onto your Paint in every direction, covering the whole of the piece.

Wait for the first coat to be completely dry to touch. Depending on the room or outside temperature , this could be 1-3 hours. Once dry, apply a second coat in the same manner.

Wait for the paint to be fully dry. Next, apply the wax in the same way as you applied the paint. Use a brush or lint-free cloth to apply in all directions. Work in sections so you know where you’ve been!

Once applied, use a lint-free cloth to remove any excess wax. Do not rub too hard, as you could remove the wax all together.

And then Voila, finito! You can use the piece of furniture as soon as the wax is dry to touch, but please note it will take up to 2 weeks to reach its full hardness (known as the ‘curing period’). During this time please be careful with the piece and putting any heavy objects on it could dent or you could still chip if knocked!

Enjoy upcycling and taking your one step to help the environment!


Joanna Steel
Stage Interiors

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