Gardener’s Diary – September

This month marks the ‘tail-end’ of summer and the start of autumn. Quite often a time of warm, dry weather with the appearance of early morning mists. The natural world is slowing down as animals, birds, insects and plants start to prepare for winter. The garden is entering a natural lull before the work of the gardener picks up again, starting with the final harvests of fruit and vegetables.

Monthly reminders:

Perennials – Take cuttings from tender perennials such as fuchsias, geraniums and argyranthemums etc. as early as possible to allow root formation to develop before cold weather returns.

Water Gardens – Thin out congested plants and divide and replant those that you want to increase. We have stocks of aquatic soil and containers always available for this purpose. Net ponds now to stop falling leaves from entering the water, rotting down and causing problems later.
Pots and Containers – Dead-head any annuals still in containers and apply liquid fertiliser to prolong displays.

Lawns – Sow seeds or lay turf for new lawns, but always water new lawns well and regularly during any dry spells. Scarify and aerate existing lawns, apply autumn top dressing and seed any patch repairs.

Autumn Bedding Plants – Our stocks of autumn bedding plants increases this month so you can replace tired summer bedding plants. The reliable favourites of pansies, violas, cyclamen and a selection of others will be on sale.

Spring Flowering Bulbs – Plant these now to produce vivid splashes of colour in the garden and containers throughout spring. Our increased range of bulbs always includes the favourites of tulips, daffodils, crocus, snowdrops, anemones and hyacinths.

Garden Birds – Increase feeding now to encourage birds into your garden for winter. Farnborough now has a large range of foods, feeders, bird-tables, feeding stations and roosting pouches.
Plants looking good now:

Late-flowering honeysuckle (pictured), solidago, sedums, ornamental grasses, hebes, Japanese acers, viburnum opulus, pyracantha and photinias.

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Pete’s Top Tips for Spring Flowering Bulbs.

1. Carefully select positions where bulbs will not be disturbed and consider flower heights.
2. Feed with fertilizer when planting.
3. In outdoor containers ensure drainage is good or add drainage material.
4. For indoor containers with no drainage holes, add bulb fibre.
5. To have indoor Hyacinths flowering at Christmas, plant ‘prepared bulbs’ before the end of September.

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