Gardener’s Diary – May

May (the most exciting and busiest period for gardening) is fast approaching. Planting can begin in earnest this month but, don’t rush in with frost tender bedding schemes too early.

Roses – Continue regular spraying to control black spit and other diseases. Greenflies will become an issue this month, so try a combined pesticide to control both, insects and diseases.

Alpine and Rockery Plants – These will be showing excellent colour this month.

Herbaceous Perennials – It is an excellent time to create or add to your herbaceous border. We also stock a wide range of decorative grasses, bamboos and ferns.

Trees and Shrubs – This month is very colourful, where flowering trees and shrubs are concerned.

Fruit Trees – Why not consider fruit trees? Our range includes dwarf and patio varieties, for smaller gardens.

Don’t forget that plum and cherry trees can be pruned, from the end of this month. This is done in spring and summer because these trees are vulnerable to silver leaf; a fungal disease.

Vegetables – Most vegetable seeds can be sown this month. Dibble them in short rows of moderate intervals, to ensure spaced cropping. Young vegetable plants are now on sale at the centre. Vegetables can also be planted in unheated greenhouses, providing a fleece is used during cold spells. A full range of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, aubergines and many others are now on sale, at Farnborough.

Baskets and Containers – Now is the time to plant, or replant, those baskets and containers. Start selecting your geraniums, fuchsias, trailing petunias, marguerites, pansies and begonias; along with trailing and bedding plants. Don’t forget to protect your baskets and containers overnight, if frost is expected. If you are looking for new pots or containers, come and visit our newly expanded pottery display area. We have literally, thousands of pots for sale!

Ponds – We now stock a range of pond plant containers, aquatic soil, barley straw and pond plant fertiliser in our extended aquatic pond area.

Looking good this month:

Japanese Acers – These attractive small trees are now available, and just coming into leaf.

Fuchsias – A new range of these beautiful shrubs and small trees is available and they are beginning to foliate. Encliandra and triphylla species will be arriving this month.

Clematis – These are now in stock, including some unusual varieties.

Viburnum – Our larger specimens are looking good, with some attractively scented types.

Stoneware items – A new selection of reconstructed Cotswold stone tubs, ornaments and birdbaths are now in.

Pete’s Top Tips

A time when the arrival of bedding, basket and patio plants signals the promise of rich, exotic colours in summer gardens. Here are a few things to remember.

Watering – This must be regular and frequent particularly for baskets and containers. Particularly in hot dry weather, this will need to be undertaken at least once a day.

Feeding – An absolute must. Especially where baskets and containers are concerned. This something frequently overlooked leading to disappointment. Granular fertiliser or liquid feeds can be used at least weekly once plants are established.

Deadheading – Most annual bedding benefits from the regular removal of dead flower heads to encourage new growth and flowers.

Trimming – Don’t be afraid to cut back plants that are becoming too large or trailing too far in baskets. Regular trimming coupled with feeding will make big improvements in many cases.

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