Gardener’s Diary – March

March is a month of surprise in the garden with beautiful weather one day and winter the next. By the month end, it is clear that life in the garden is quickening and the new season has arrived.

Bare Root Trees, Shrubs and Hedges – Complete planting of these and remember to keep a check on watering.

Manures and Fertilisers – Apply manure and or fertilisers to vegetable plots and flower and shrub beds. Remember, organic fertilisers such as Bonemeal release nutrients slowly unlike fast acting inorganic fertilisers such as Growmore.

Herbaceous Plants – A wider range of plants are on sale and March is a good time to plant. Slugs become more active so start control measures now.

Onion Sets and Shallots – Now on sale here and can be planted this month.

Summer Bulbs and Tubers – Start planting these from our increased range.

Young Plants and Plug- grown Seedlings – A good range of container, basket and bedding plants are now available as plugs or young plants.

Garden Birds – Encourage birds to nest in your garden, by positioning nest boxes as birds are now selecting nesting sites. Keep feeding the birds, especially during cold spells.

Greenhouses – Use a greenhouse disinfectant to clear away disease and fungus spores before introducing new plants or seedlings to the area.

Patio Pots – To avoid water- logging make sure pots are lifted on to blocks or feet. The early spring bedding range of Pansies, Violas, Primroses and Polyanthus will keep those patio pots and containers looking good until replaced by summer bedding.

Plants looking good now – Corylus Avellana ‘Contorta’, Daphne Mezerlum, Salix Caprea ‘Kilmarnock’, Forsythia, Chaenomeies, Pansies & Violas, Primroses, Spring Bulbs.

We are now displaying our New Season range of plants and our retail displays are changing and expanding. Starter plants for tubs and baskets are on sale together with plug-grow seedlings in a selection of varieties. We have a huge new range of Terracotta and glazed earthenware pots and fibreclay ‘lead effect’ containers, wooden barrels and tubs. The display of Garden Ornaments and decorative stoneware in both concrete and reconstructed stone is fully stocked.

We now have almost forty growing composts, decorative barks, mulches and soil improver products.

The ‘TREASURED TEDDIES’ shop is fully stocked with a huge selection of teddy bears from many manufactures. We are all working hard to ensure that our new season displays are fully stocked and ready for your visit.

Written by Pete Toms Farnborough Garden Centre

On A423 Southam Road, Nr Farnborough, Banbury, OX17 1EL 01295 690479

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