Gardener’s Diary – June

Summer should have arrived at last and gardeners can start to enjoy their gardens with much of the heavy work now completed. Beware, however, as there is still time for late frosts which can still harm tender bedding and vegetables early in the month.

This month has the year’s longest day and can be described as ‘Flower Garden’ month, as roses, herbaceous plants, summer bedding and patio plants really start to put on a marvellous show now. The downside is that weeds and grass grow just as quickly, making weeding and mowing two of the gardener’s main activities.

Monthly reminders:

Roses – Always deadhead the old flowers as they die back, to encourage the formation of new buds. Pests and diseases now begin to attack these plants in the warm, moist conditions.

Trees & Shrubs – Prune deciduous shrubs as they finish flowering to keep them in shape and encourage new growth that will flower next year.
Container – Grown trees and shrubs can still be planted at this time, but remember to water frequently and copiously throughout the summer.

Patio pots & hanging baskets – This is the time to plant these to give those vivid splashes of colour throughout the summer. A full range of bedding, patio and basket plants are available at Farnborough Garden Centre.

Water Gardens – Can be stocked or re-stocked now with both plants and snails. We now carry a seasonal range of water plants and moisture loving plants and water snails and fresh water mussels.

Vegetables – Cabbage, sprouts, leeks, onions, marrows, runner beans, French beans, peas etc can still be planted.

Greenhouses – We have many vegetables suitable for greenhouse growing.

June is one of the most colourful months of the garden year when gardeners can spend time appreciating the results of their winter and spring efforts. There is, however, plenty of time to add to the herbaceous border, herb bed, annual bedding displays etc.

We hope to see you soon if only to sample a cool Farmhouse ice cream to relax with, a hot or cool drink, or even to choose a cuddly or special collector’s Teddy Bear from all those on display in the Treasured Teddies shop at the Garden Centre.

Plants looking good now:
Viburnum, Lavender, Roses, Species Clematis, Wisteria, Ceanothus, Japanese Acers, Fuchsias, Photinia, Euonymus, Herbaceous Plants.

Pete’s top tips for June

Many people like to hear the sound of cascading water when relaxing in their garden and construct traditional ponds and waterfalls. June is a good month to create new water gardens or restock existing ponds.

Here are a couple of points to consider when constructing or restocking water gardens:

Oxygenating plants – Essential for healthy, clear water gardens.

Planting – Plants come in five basic forms; water lilies, deep water plants, oxygenating plants, marginal plants and floating plants.

Written by Pete Toms
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