Gardener’s Diary – July

A great time to relax and enjoy your garden with blue skies, sunshine and rich, fresh growth. The emphasis is now on weeding and watering. The pond or water garden is now at its best and will be attracting many forms of wildlife to the garden.

Monthly reminders:

Flower Gardens – Deadhead to prolong displays. Hoe and weed beds and borders to control weeds and open the soil surface. Fill bare and empty spaces with new pot grown herbaceous plants or clumps of annual bedding plants for extra form and colour. We have a huge range still available.

Water Gardens – Add new plants and keep existing ones neat and tidy. Check water levels and top up, particularly if you have fish. A fountain or waterfall can combat oxygen shortage or spray the surface with water from the garden hose as this will help oxygenate the water.

Hedges – Trim conifers to keep under control and encourage thicker growth, especially Leylandii. Cut Beech, Hornbeam and Holly hedges later in the month.

Pots and Containers – Water and feed baskets and containers regularly to prolong displays into Autumn. Water twice a day, in hot spells, morning and evening. When it rains lush foliage can prevent rainfall reaching the compost. Keep deadheading and pruning to prolong flowering and to stop seed heads from forming. Add to your displays, with our ready planted baskets and containers.

Lawns – Keep mowing and trimming but raise the blades during long, dry spells to help the grass cope with the conditions. Leave the grass box off to allow clippings to mulch the lawn. Resist watering established lawns to once a week. Grass on these may brown in hot weather but will recover quickly when it rains. New lawns and newly laid turf should not be allowed to dry out for too long. Create new lawns in early spring or autumn when weather conditions are more favourable.

Roses – Deadhead old blooms but don’t just snap off the flowers. Cut back to a bud in a lower leaf axil to encourage new growth.

Vegetables – Keep vegetables well-watered to prevent ‘bolting’ and to encourage growth. Harvest vegetables regularly and eat when they are young, and the taste is best.

Plants looking good now:

Japanese Acers, Roses, Clematis, Photinias, Fuchias, Pelargoniums, Begonias, Geraniums.

Pete’s Top Tips when planting

Caring for containers of plants:
1. Choose a well-draining compost and add slow release fertiliser.
2. Ensure your choice of plants is suitable for the size of the container.
3. Watering; containers

Written by Pete Toms
Farnborough Garden Centre
On A423 Southam Road,
Nr Farnborough, Banbury,
OX17 1EL. Tel: 01295 690479

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