Gardener’s Diary – August

With most things in the garden either sown or planted, now is a good time to relax and enjoy it. Ensure the garden can cope with the heat of full summer. Deadhead flowering plants, keep up the weeding and water regularly. If you are going on holiday arrange for someone to water for you.

Keep everything neat and tidy this month which, as it draws to a close, will start to exhibit the first signs of approaching autumn.

Flower Gardens
Stake untidy plants as required, to save time try our ” Link Stakes” . Hoe regularly to reduce weeds and open up dry soil. Spray roses if mildew, rust, blackspot or aphids are present. Mow lawns regularly, raise the blades during hot dry spells.

Water Gardens
Watch water levels in ponds and fountains etc. Even in small water features low water levels could cause pump damage. Keep the water well oxygenated, especially if you have fish.

Pots and Containers
Add new pots and containers to existing displays or to create new ones. Check out our special, very affordable, “Summer Saver” deals on bedding and container plants.

Next month is a good time to lay new turf or to sow lawn seed BUT FOR SUCCESS PREPARE NOW. Completely remove perennial weeds, dig over the soil or spray with weed killer whilst weeds are in full growth. Hoe off any annual weeds at regular intervals as they germinate. This will mean you will be ready to create your new lawn next month when weather conditions should be more suitable.

Garden Birds
Make sure bird baths and drinking fountains are kept topped up.

Harvest vegetables whilst they are young, and the flavour is at its best. Remember that vegetables such as spinach, parsley, beetroot, carrots, lettuce and turnips can be sown now.

Plants looking good now:
Japanese Acers, Roses, Hydrangeas, Begonias, Clematis, Spiraea, Fuchsias, Perovskias, Hypericum, Buddleia, Photinias, Conifers.
Our Herbaceous Plants are looking particularly attractive at present with lots of new growth and flowers.

For a final finishing touch to your garden, such as an arch, obelisk, trellis panels, rustic seats, metal patio sets or screening panels come and look at our summer range of products. We also have decorative containers in terracotta, fibre clay, plastic, timber, and resin at Farnborough Garden Centre.

Pete’s Top Tips

Hydrangeas for summer colour in containers & borders. To keep true colours, plant in containers using ericaceous compost.
1. If you plant in the garden, treat the soil around plants with an iron solution.
2. Most prefer light sun or partial shade – so bear this in mind.
3. Before moving pots under cover for winter, leave until after a good frost which is needed to initiate next seasons flowers.
4. Cut back fairly hard after leaf fall.

Written by Pete Toms
Farnborough Garden Centre
On A423 Southam Road, Nr Farnborough, Banbury, OX17 1EL.

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