Gardener’s Diary April 2020

April is one of the most exciting months for gardeners, with new plants bursting into life and a mixture of new foliage and flowers everywhere. A real change in birdsong can be heard this month and bees and other insects become more active, but beware, April is often a cruel month, weather-wise and plant damage can occur.

Monthly Reminders

Newly planted trees and shrubs -Water all newly planted Trees and Shrubs regularly as they will not survive without this and regular attention.

Roses – Treat the fungal disease ‘blackspot’ this month, including on the soil beneath the bushes. Complete the final pruning of roses this month.

Summer flowering bulb and tubers – Still time to plant these for exotic blooms in the summer. A full range is on sale now.

Alpine and Herbaceous plants – Plant new borders and rockeries or add to existing areas of plants. A wide selection of plants is now available.

Garden ponds – Commence work to create a new water garden or restock your existing pond. A range of water plants will arrive here soon.

Sweet peas – Plant out sweet pea plants that have been over-wintered and sow new seeds. If you prefer to use young plants, these will go on sale this month.

Hanging baskets and containers – Plant up using your greenhouse plants. Keep newly planted containers having summer bedding under cover until frosts have passed. Container, basket and bedding plants are now on sale here, but should you decide that you prefer to have your hanging basket made up for you, don’t delay bringing them in as we have a limit to how many we can accommodate and then have to close our customer list. New, ready-planted baskets or containers will be on sale in early May once the danger of frost has passed.

Vegetables – Plant varieties are on sale here now, for planting under glass or outdoors. Do try and give some space over to vegetables even just using pots or containers. The taste of homegrown vegetables may surprise you.

Plants looking good now: Species Clematis, Magnolias, Cystus (Broom), Rhododendron, Viburnum, Amelanchier, Malus (Crab apple), Prunus (Cherry).

We now have a huge range of garden trees, shrubs, climbers, conifers and roses and a renewed selection of steppingstones, paving, edging stones, chippings, cobbles and rockery stone. So, visit us and we shall be pleased to offer any help or advice.

Pete’s top tips for April

  1. Tubs and planters – clear last year’s plants and prepare for early spring displays. Early flowering bedding is now available to add colour to your garden.
  2. Summer Flower Bulbs and Tubers – most can now be safely planted outdoors. Dahlias are and especially plant.
  3. Greenhouses – start planting tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for fresh salad crops later.
  4. Garden Ponds – a good time to clean and restock ponds. New plants are appearing at Farnborough Garden Centre now.

Written by Pete Toms

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