February at The Mill

Tom Thumb starring Adam Jessop (CBBC’s Powers) offers a perfect half-term treat for younger audiences.

One night tiny Tom overhears Mum and Dad talking – there’s nothing left to eat so they are going to leave him and his six brothers in the forest! Outwitting his parents and an ogre, Tom shows everybody that even though he is small he is still mighty as he protects his brothers and makes sure they’ll never be hungry again.

The classic story is brought to life in a playful, fascinating and magical show with feathery spinning birds, a flying house and a portable forest.

The story unfolds into a magical fairy-tale through the mesmerizing performance drawing us into Tom’s world, along with the many fascinating contraptions involving pulleys, magnets and magical moments of inspiration to bring each setting to life.

This show is a glorious example of imagination and heart…. I implore you to catch this performance!” (Online review)

Tom Thumb is suitable for ages 3+ and will be at the Mill Arts Centre on 20th February at 2pm.

Meanwhile Living Record Production’s Thrown, is altogether more ‘grown-up’ offering an unsettling, and extremely distinctive piece of sci-fi theatre.

Written by award-winning playwright, Jodi Gray, Thrown weaves fiction with collected testimony to explore how the accidental events that end our childhood can create an inescapable narrative for the rest of our lives, and asks ‘But what if you were given the chance to start again?’

With a microphone shaped like the human head, and the audience wearing wireless headphones, new technology collides with old philosophy to create a sensory and cinematic look at the tales we’ve all survived to tell.

So, put on your headphones and plunge into the hidden creases and distant corners of the brain – a place where fragmented memories and forgotten voices float quietly through the dark and into the bright white light.

Thrown will be at the Mill on Thursday 28th February with performances at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

There’s also all the usual mix of comedy, music, film and more – so be sure to check our website for all the latest show times and information.

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