Fairtrade Banbury.

This year Banbury will celebrate 13 years as a Fairtrade Town. So much has been achieved during that time. Coffeehouses, supermarkets and organisations are using Fairtrade products and the people of Banbury are buying FT goods. The Town Mayor representing the Town Council has served on the Steering Group and Fairtrade Action Banbury is very grateful for this.

Our Fairtrade Town Status is due to be renewed on 10th July 2019, and sadly, we will not be able to do the work involved for this renewal. This is a requirement for qualifying as a FT Town, yet the Steering Group is now too small – loyal and hardworking members have had to retire because of ill health and/or age.

They would love new recruits to bring the Steering Group up to strength and particularly someone able to manage social media. If you are able to help, please contact the chairperson, Chris Eddy on revchriseddy@gmail.com. He would love to hear from you.

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