Easy ways to Healthier Eating

Increase your use of fresh vegetables and fruit

  • When making a sandwich, always add some lettuce, tomato, cucumber or other salad ingredients.
  • If having an occasional takeaway, add a small side dish of your own cooked vegetables or a mixed salad.
  • Fresh vegetable juices are a great way of boosting nutrient intake. Use a variety of vegetables. Lemon or lime can be added, as can fresh ginger and turmeric. Add apple or pomegranate seeds for sweetness.

Make the most of nuts and seeds

  • Grinding seeds helps the body to digest them more completely. Store a combination of ground seeds and nuts in a closed jar in the fridge for up to a week. Add to yoghurt, porridge, smoothies.
  • Soaking nuts and seeds help the body to extract their nutrients. Use cold water for several hours before using in salads, smoothies or for snacking.
  • To protect delicate oils in nuts and seeds, store in the freezer. They can be used with no defrosting required.

Improve the benefit of the foods you eat

  • Home-grown vegetables are likely to have a higher nutrient content as you can eat them as soon as they are harvested.
  • Locally-sourced seasonal foods may be much higher in nutrients than foods transported from a long-distance away.
  • Sprouted seeds and pulses can increase the availability of the nutrients to the body. You can buy them ready sprouted or have a go yourself.

Some tips for healthy cooking

  • Boiling vegetables can lead to some loss of vitamins into the water. Use the water for stocks and gravies.
  • Fish and chicken can be poached in water, stock or milk. It keeps the flesh moist and the cooking fluid can be used for a sauce.
  • Overcooking of vegetables can result in the breakdown and loss of some of the phytonutrients. Steaming is the best option.
  • Add water to stir-fries to keep temperatures low, and the fat from becoming damaged.

Have snacks already prepared

  • Bought snacks can be high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats, so make your own.
    Try our recipes for homemade flapjacks, cereal bars, chocolate and beetroot tray bake, muffins, spicy bean and aubergine dip…..find recipes for these our website

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