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Dragon Mouse

Dragon Mouse jumped out of bed stretched and looked for something to eat for breakfast. He found a half-eaten acorn, which he gobbled up, wondering what adventures the day would bring.

He set off on his journey, not knowing his destination. After walking for an hour he hadn’t managed to get very far on his little legs, and his knapsack felt heavier with every step.

He sat down on an old tree stump and wondered if he’d made the right decision. Suddenly, he was startled by a strange snuffling sound, a sound he hadn’t heard before. Grunting, squeaking and crunching all rolled into one.

The creature making all the noise slowly appeared. Dragon Mouse was scared, wondering what it might be… a spikey ball emerged from the leaves and he saw that it was a hedgehog trying to eat a chestnut!

“Thank Goodness!” Dragon Mouse exclaimed. “Are you ok?”

“No I’m not!” The hedgehog replied. “I’m trying to eat this chestnut, but its shell is too hard to crack and I’m getting very cross. I’ve been trying for ages to break in to it but with no luck!” He sounded very annoyed.

Dragon Mouse said “I can help you but you will have to share the nut with me.”  “Okay'” said Hedgehog. “But I don’t see how a little thing like you will be able to get into this nut if I can’t. I’m six times bigger than you!”

“It will be easy” said Dragon Mouse. “I will roast it.”

Well, the Hedgehog didn’t have a clue what Dragon Mouse was talking about. He had never heard of roasting before.

“What is roasting?” he asked.

“Put the nut on those stones … ” said Dragon Mouse” …stand well back, I will show you.” Then he sucked in a big gulp of air, filling his lungs to bursting. His face went bright red and suddenly, a huge flame came from his mouth. He directed it on to the nut, and in no time at all it was cooked. The skin split wide open, revealing the tasty inside.

“Well… ” said Hedgehog “I’ve never seen anything like that before!”

They both enjoyed the cooked lunch, then sat back on the old tree stump.

These are the adventures of a strange creature, part dragon, part mouse, and his journey from the magic and myths of the chilly Welsh mountains to the sunny seas of Spain. On his travels, he sees many new and amazing sights and meets some equally unusual characters, some good, some not-so-good. The story of Dragon Mouse is a mixture of fact, fantasy and humour.

Chris’s book is aimed at 6 to 10-year-olds and would make a brilliant Christmas present.

Chris Gates a retired truck driver has written this book from stories I used to tell my children Will and Lottie after being away all week driving. Some of the stories are based on some of the characters I encountered on my travels.

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Dragon Mouse can be purchased from Amazon or Lula

Look out for Chris’s second book Dragon mouse meets Monty on his website and Facebook page.

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