Gardener’s Diary – August

Rob Checkley
Posted by Rob Checkley, on July 30, 2019

With most things in the garden either sown or planted, now is a good time to relax and enjoy it. Ensure the garden can cope with the heat of full summer. Deadhead flowering plants, keep up the weeding and water regularly. If you are going on holiday arrange for someone to water for you. Keep […]

Gardener’s Diary – July

Rob Checkley
Posted by Rob Checkley, on July 2, 2019

A great time to relax and enjoy your garden with blue skies, sunshine and rich, fresh growth. The emphasis is now on weeding and watering. The pond or water garden is now at its best and will be attracting many forms of wildlife to the garden. Monthly reminders: Flower Gardens – Deadhead to prolong displays. […]

Gardener’s Diary – June

Rob Checkley
Posted by Rob Checkley, on June 1, 2019

Summer should have arrived at last and gardeners can start to enjoy their gardens with much of the heavy work now completed. Beware, however, as there is still time for late frosts which can still harm tender bedding and vegetables early in the month. This month has the year’s longest day and can be described […]

Gardener’s Diary – May

Rob Checkley
Posted by Rob Checkley, on April 28, 2019

May (the most exciting and busiest period for gardening) is fast approaching. Planting can begin in earnest this month but, don’t rush in with frost tender bedding schemes too early. Roses – Continue regular spraying to control black spit and other diseases. Greenflies will become an issue this month, so try a combined pesticide to […]

Gardener’s Diary – March

Pete Toms
Posted by Pete Toms, on March 1, 2019

March is a month of surprise in the garden with beautiful weather one day and winter the next. By the month end, it is clear that life in the garden is quickening and the new season has arrived. Monthly Reminders Bare Root Trees, Shrubs and Hedges – Complete planting of these and remember to keep […]

Gardener’s Diary – February

Pete Toms
Posted by Pete Toms, on February 1, 2019

This month can sometimes be deceiving in the garden. Lovely days that seem to announce the arrival of spring, are quickly followed by bitter winter weather. However, mild spells, when they occur, really do give us time to start the new season’s gardening activity in earnest, providing, of course, that we don’t forget that winter […]

Gardening January 2019

Pete Toms
Posted by Pete Toms, on January 2, 2019

It’s now midwinter, with prospects of cold winds, heavy rain, frost and possibly snow. However, there are still things for the gardener to do even if you have managed to complete your winter digging and general tidy jobs. The shortest day has passed, and we can all look forward to the start of a new […]

December Gardener’s Diary

Pete Toms
Posted by Pete Toms, on December 12, 2018

December is quite often a cold, wet month with only pale sunshine. With all the pre-Christmas activity many gardens get neglected, but there are still things to do before the real winter begins. There is still time to plant trees, shrubs, conifers and roses etc. It’s also an ideal time to plant fruit trees and […]

Barn Owls

Andy Davies
Posted by Andy Davies, on October 12, 2018

Barn owls are a majestic icon of the British countryside they float ghost-like across fields at dusk in search of voles and rats. When they catch these rodents they are inadvertently ingesting the powerful rat poisons that are being used on farms across the country. When owls eat their prey they are taking in toxins […]

Bluebell Woods

Andy Davies
Posted by Andy Davies, on October 12, 2018

Bluebells are synonymous with May as they spread their lovely shimmering blue carpet usually overhung with fresh green foliage. They can be found in abundance at most local woods such as Evenley Northamptonshire; Foxholes nature reserve near chipping Norton; Manor Farm Adderbury and Horley Railway, which are all Berks Bucks and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust reserves. […]

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