What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?


Posted by Andy Davies, on February 3, 2020

With Valentine’s Day on Friday 14th just around the corner, you have an opportunity to show that special person how much you adore him or her. Have you made plans to get chocolates and flowers or thought about booking a restaurant yet? You will get plenty of reminders as soon everywhere will be teeming with […]

Win a FREE copy of Dragon Mouse

Dragon Mouse

Posted by Andy Davies, on November 27, 2019

Dragon Mouse jumped out of bed stretched and looked for something to eat for breakfast. He found a half-eaten acorn, which he gobbled up, wondering what adventures the day would bring. He set off on his journey, not knowing his destination. After walking for an hour he hadn’t managed to get very far on his […]

Banbury Author Success in Oz with Irish Children’s book – Johnny the Leprechaun

Posted by Andy Davies, on April 2, 2019

Johnny the Leprechaun – The beginnings by Author Aly Bannister for Your letterbox. I, Aly Bannister, nee Donaghy, was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire in 1970 to Irish parents Sam & Sadie Donaghy. Having attended Blessed George Napier school, and always having a love of English literature and writing from an early age, writing was a […]

Visit Banbury

Posted by Rob Checkley, on January 2, 2019

Visit Banbury has existed as a volunteer-led community organisation since April 2014. Founded and energised by Tim Tarby-Donald, inspired by projects established by The Eden Project in Cornwall, the organisation has benefited from the help and assistance of many talented people, donating their time and resources freely, plus amazing collaborations with a variety of organisations. […]

Susanna M. Newstead

Susanna M. Newstead

Posted by Andy Davies, on October 15, 2018

Susanna M. Newstead, Brackley Author. Susanna’s first memories of writing were from the age of about eight at primary school, when she used to write stories about a young girl, who lived in a forest and who had a wicked uncle. Susanna’s mother remembers that her teacher’s were always very keen to receive the next […]

N.P. Lumsdale

N.P Lumsdale

Posted by Andy Davies, on October 15, 2018

My name is Nigel Lumsdale and I have recently released my debut novel in the genre of crime/thriller entitled, ‘Three Weeks, Two Lives, One End’ through As the title of the book suggests, it is based over a period of ‘Three Weeks’. The main character, Brett Johnson decides that after just over three years […]

The Mill Hosts Banbury Literary Live

The Mill Hosts Banbury Literary Live

Posted by Andy Davies, on October 15, 2018

Banbury community and family literary event returns for its sixth year on 15th September in its new home at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury town centre. This one day event boasts a fantastic line up of top authors, speakers, performers and workshops. The whole day’s events are about bringing the community together and igniting […]

Banbury’s Phone Box Library


Posted by Andy Davies, on October 15, 2018

There’s something magical about lending a friend a book you have enjoyed, the shared experience of a different reality, of romance, mystery or adventure, is a great way to strengthen any friendship. It’s a nice gesture, to pass on something that you’ve loved for someone else to enjoy. So, imagine a town where these sorts […]

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