Banbury Author Success in Oz with Irish Children’s book – Johnny the Leprechaun

Johnny the Leprechaun – The beginnings by Author Aly Bannister for Your letterbox.

I, Aly Bannister, nee Donaghy, was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire in 1970 to Irish parents Sam & Sadie Donaghy. Having attended Blessed George Napier school, and always having a love of English literature and writing from an early age, writing was a very natural path to follow; albeit in the form of a hobby. After relocating to Australia in 2007 I decided to follow my dream of becoming an author.

Having been surrounded by Irish influences all of my life, in the form of friends, family members, social events and religious occasions – often frequenting St. Johns Irish Club under the Parish church, it seemed only fitting to combine the love, lightness, shenanigans and laughter of those early Irish memories into a collection of fun, mischievous and quite rebellious children’s books all in the form of Johnny the Leprechaun.

Johnny the LeprechaunBreaking school rules!  Is the first in a collection of (initially) 4 children’s books.  The official book launch will be 17th March 2019 – to coincide with St. Patricks day. A momentous annual celebration of Irish culture for millions around the world.

My children aged 6, 8 & 10 are my inspiration and needless to say, my target audience. In this world of iPads and Xboxes, streaming on demand, TV’s and podcasts, I felt it was essential that I started to write again. I wanted to capture the attention of my children in a fun atmosphere and create joy and laughter together in a family setting – away from the gadgets! (As, I have no doubt, many other modern parents can relate to). I had not written for many years, so thought it was time to put pen to paper and create a loveable Irish character that my boys, and children of all ages around the world could relate to and enjoy, all whilst drawing parents, grandparents and every family member together with children to share a little bit of the mischief and a few giggles.  At heart, I am still that rebellious child relishing the thought of getting up to mischief!

Each book has been written with Irish pride in my heart, and a glint in my eye. Every book contains a generous sprinkling of rebellion all wrapped up in the form of Johnny the Leprechaun.

So, to you the reader, who may want to share in some cheeky Irish larrikinisms – Please welcome Johnny into your heart and into your home – But prepare yourself to embrace the mischief!

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