Autism – An Open Letter


An open letter to my Autistic son.

My beautiful boy.

The connection between you and I is a connection like no other. You showed me what true love really felt like the day you were born.

You have taught me so much about life. What is really important, to be a better person, to show more compassion, to lower my walls I built up over the years, to forgive, to be softer with my views & opinions, to focus on what is really important in life & what is not, not to judge or be so hard on people, to stop and smell the flowers again, to sing about love & not heartache, to take things slow & steady not rushing through life wasting the beautiful moments I may miss. You gave me back my innocence, an innocence that was once lost in negative experiences.

There maybe really hard days, where I need all my strength to get through it, but I’m reminded about just how much you have saved me & helped me without you even realising it.

Each day I focus on every little tiny bit of you & your Autism. Unravelling all the separate sections of you personality, traits & the wonders of how your brain sees the world. You are forever changing.

I could sit and write about Autism this & Autism that but actually, you are so much more than your diagnosis. Your Autism is a part of you but its not where you stop.

Your personality is amazingly beautiful. Your humour is witty & inviting. You have an aura about you which draws people in. You light up a room with your cheeky smile, eye brow raise and happy stims. People adore your company. You try so hard to push your confidence through your wall of anxieties. Your strength and determination to “hold it together” when your Autism creeps in and wants you to crumble, but you try so hard to not succumb to it all, it doesn’t go unnoticed. I see your strength and I see your determination and it inspires me.

I’ve never known someone to hold so much compassion and love for the world & people around them.

You know that you’re Autistic and have never viewed it as a negative. You have embraced the diagnosis. You take it upon yourself to raise awareness in your own way by telling people about yourself, the whys and that it’s OK.

We know it’s not always easy & some days are extremely hard for you & us as a family. Yet you always keep pushing through. You try not to stay in that negative space & fight so hard to exit it.

I’m proud of you. I’m proud of every part of you. I’m proud of your confidence, I’m proud of your strength.

I’m proud that you are my son.

Thank you Baba. I Love You.


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