Are Your Tyres Fit to Drive On?

As the winter slowly turns to spring, so the temperatures rise and the road conditions we all drive on begin to change. Anyone with winter tyres fitted on their car should consider switching back to conventional ones to preserve their life until next autumn sets in. For the rest of us, taking stock of our current set of tyres is advisable. After all, many motorists do little by way of tyre maintenance in the dark winter months. What are the main things you should be looking out for?

Tyre Deformities

Give each of your tyres a thorough visual inspection, focussing on the sidewalls. When you live in an area like Northampton, for example, which has lots and lots of potholes that have not been attended to by the council, you can find that your tyres end up with deformities as a result of running over them. These usually look like gouges in the sides of tyres or bulges that are sticking out like bubbles. If you notice either problem is present, then you will need to exchange the tyre, or tyres, concerned before they blow.

Tyre Inflation

Pump your tyres up. If the last time you did so was before Christmas, then this is long overdue. Ideally, you should reinflate your tyres every few times you fill up with fuel. This helps them to last longer when they are in contact with the road. It also means being able to drive with greater fuel efficiency as well as with more control. When your tyres are somewhat flat, they do not allow you to brake or corner properly. This can lead to a loss of control which may result in an accident on the road – something you could regret forever.

Check Your Tread

Everyone who drives on the UK’s public roads should know that their tyres must not be bald. With no tread left on your tyres whatsoever, you can be a danger to yourself and other road users. Remember that even one bald spot is enough for the whole tyre to be condemned. Even so, it also becomes increasingly unsafe to drive on tyres which are approaching the legal minimum tread depth. It is well worth buying new ones before you reach the limit so you can stop more rapidly when you need to. The time to do this is right now before the problem potentially becomes any worse. Buy a tyre gauge measuring device or have your current set professionally inspected. If you are looking for a reliable tyre dealer then Calmac is the answer to your prayers. Calmac Northampton Autocentre offers tyres at affordable prices. Browse through their collection and book online without any upfront payment.

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