A Fathers Guidance

A Fathers guidance

The Hummingbird Centre

To keep a promise is not always easy, and my Dad was to give me the biggest challenge of my life. Just before he passed away he made me promise that one day I was to create something good out of our loss as a family.

Time passed, I moved to Bicester to marry my husband of which I do remind him how lucky he is, I was made redundant by the company I worked for and everyone who knew the promise said you now know what you need to do.

Easier said than done when you don’t have the contacts, no friends as such and I was starting from scratch and at 42, going back to college to become what they call a mature student (I ask you).  I shared my Dad’s promise and dream with someone who I had met along the way and together we looked into providing some kind of support group/ centre.  Walking the streets of Bicester I started talking to the community finding out what was needed, showing them the logo, the colours and design and presenting the concept to the GP’s, one of whom worked with me to produce our recommendation form and eventually became a Trustee.

1st April 2014 the doors opened to The Hummingbird Centre with regret the person who started the journey with me resigned in the July 2014; since then along with my team and the board of Trustee’s we’ve created a centre that provides support to anyone affected by cancer.

We’ve looked at what has been missing, provided the jigsaw piece and slotted it in. We are now entering our 4th year providing an array of Complementary Treatments; Counseling, Activities, Beauty Treatments, Courses, Respite days, End of Life, Palliative and Terminal support and Financial support, in a place that is often described as home. Somewhere for you to get away and forget for a few hours. To date, we’ve launched 2 new services, a Bra Fitting Service and Horse Therapy both of which are on our website.

We are very much part of the community, recognised for what we do, we’ve been nominated and won several prestigious awards, all of which we are very proud of, most recently the Queen’s Award, MBA Voluntary Services.

It’s really important to know all of our services are provided free of charge; The Hummingbird Centre is run entirely by volunteers all of whom are dedicated and passionate in what they do none of us takes a salary, not even myself.  Everything is put back into The Hummingbird Centre, our guests and the team.

Looking ahead it’s my intention to expand where we are; keep on improving our services to the people of Bicester and surrounding villages.

If you have never visited us please pop along anytime

from Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 4pm; if you are a local Company and looking for a charity to support take a look at our website.


Why not become involved with our annual Golf Event, 28th September at Kirtlington Golf Club, either by entering a team, sponsor a hole, donate a prize for our raffle or auction. If this is something you fancy becoming involved with then please give us a call on: 01869 244244.


I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope it’s inspired you to follow your own dream or stick to the impossible promise.  I never wanted to lose my Dad, but he left me with the biggest gift of all and that’s to understand the journey of cancer.

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