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Most elderly people say that their greatest fear is losing their powers of thinking and memory.


Alzheimer’s scares everyone.  Not recognising your relatives and being unable to carry out simple analytic tasks that were second nature in your early years, is a horrible prospect.


‘Use it or lose it’ is intuitively right applied to physical health in our old age.  If you don’t exercise muscles regularly, then your physical abilities will deteriorate more quickly than if you take a twenty-minute brisk walk every day.


Exercising the brain is just as important.  “Use it or lose it” applies to cognitive as well as physical health.


Popular works on the topic show that doing regular brain exercises such as crosswords or Sudoku helps retain our memory and our ability to reason.  But what about our social lives?  Crosswords and Sudoku are great but they don’t get us out of the house.


Attending club meetings puts you in touch with local people.  It offers enjoyable conversation.  It makes you deal with people whose company you enjoy, and with others who irritate you - the rich tapestry of a bunch of people who get together for some group purpose.


Bridge is a pastime that neatly combines mental exercise with social intercourse. It’s fascinating at any age.  You can’t play it on your own; bridge needs four people.  So, you must get out and meet people to learn and play this marvellous game. You can play it round the kitchen table or in one of the many local clubs.


There seems no doubt that exercising your memory and doing puzzles like crosswords and sudoku is good for your brain in the long term.  But if you want to find a social hobby that takes you into contact with like-minded people, you must try Bridge – The Greatest Card Game in the World.


Here’s what people who discovered the game, learnt the basics and started to play friendly social bridge have said:


• 'I had only a rough idea of bridge from playing it years ago, but - thanks to the Bridge for All course - I've found a wonderful new hobby.  The lessons were clear and enjoyable.  We were a very mixed group - all ages, from card-sharps to keen amateurs - and I think everyone enjoyed the classes and made progress'.  John W Bicester Bridge Club member


• ‘The only thing I knew about Bridge was that it was a card game!  I decided to learn Bridge to have something to do when the weather kept us indoors.  I now find myself hoping for a rainy day!’  Christine, Regular club player


• Going on a course is the fastest way of learning to play properly, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.  Bridge turned out to be a fascinating new pastime. Ian, Regular club player


Come and try it out for yourself at one of our FREE taster sessions:

September 11th, 18th 25th and 2nd October at Highfield Social Club, George Street, Bicester OX26 2EE


Call Ken Langdon 07850 616069 for more details



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